I stole this idea from my daughters pre-school and the kids love it!

It’s a NEST!  But really it’s one of those $10 plastic baby swimming pools with a comforter in the bottom, covered by a blanket. I had the baby pool in my shed from two summers ago with a little crack in the bottom, so I hosed it off and brought it inside. For my 1.5 and 2.75 year olds, this is an easy + comfy spot to hunker down and “read” or pretend to be birds or puffins of rabbits or whatever.

Considering how much they charge for children’s chairs, this is a cozy little steal!  I hate buying stuff that the kids won’t use for long, so this bit of recycling makes me happy!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Cheap Tricks

  1. Yes! It’s so hard for the little ones to get up onto the furniture, this was a great ‘aha’ moment for easy, comfortable hanging out and playing.


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