HCG Too Low. Almost Certainly an Ectopic Pregnancy

My OB called with the results of my blood test. HCG of 198, which is way too low to be 6 weeks along. This is likely an ectopic pregnancy. I have a follow up blood test tomorrow. 

And now I’m scared. If the worst happens and I have to call an ambulance and be rushed to ER, who takes care of my littles?  I’m home alone with them. Do they bring them in the ambulance?  Do they leave an EMT behind to babysit until a relative shows up?  I don’t want my babies to be traumatized.  Should I be developing a just-in-case plan?  Should I tell my husband to stay home with me till we get this settled?  Am I being a paranoid ninny?

I’ve worked in healthcare and never heard of the single-caregiver-needing-emergency-care-when-kids-are-home thing. Certainly, there has to be protocol, right?

I’m just going to hope for now that I don’t have to figure this out the hard way. Fingers crossed. 


2 thoughts on “HCG Too Low. Almost Certainly an Ectopic Pregnancy

  1. What did your OB say about the numbers? I’ve read that hCG levels can vary by a ton!! A week after my bleeding stopped, mine were at 12,000 so I had an u/s which showed a tiny little thing but the numbers were dropping so they are ruling it a m/c. I had to go back for a repeat hCG today.


    1. She is almost 100% that it’s not a viable pregnancy, but a pregnancy somewhere else. She is hoping my #’s go down tomorrow after labs but she’s got me on alert to be very self-aware for possible symptoms of emergency. Ho hum.


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