SAHM: Going to Work is Awesome

I’m a SAHM, sort of.  I work as a restaurant manager on Wednesday nights from 4pm to midnight.  I pick-up one half-day substitute teaching shift each week when it’s available (almost every week).  Otherwise, you will find me with my baby daughter and teenage son.  I love my children.  I love being a mostly-SAHM.  I love providing and baking and making a safe and warm home for my kids.  I feel so lucky to be able to be present to see them grow every day.  But let’s face it, going to work is awesome.

My Wednesday night getaway is brilliant.  To be away from the needs of my family, however much I love them, is critical.  Sure, I have to “manage” other people, but no one is going to starve or die or have a meltdown if I screw up at work.  Well, someone might be a little hungry . . .  I get to see the people I have worked with for the past fifteen years, whom I love.  I get to have adult conversations.  I get to use my brain to solve adult problems.  I get to do physical work without a baby on my hip.  I get to fix my hair and wear makeup.  I get to walk out of the house BY MYSELF!  I get to take my mom-sweats off and put my grown-woman-in-charge-pants on.  I love it.

I substitute teach for the fun of it, which I know sounds crazy to most people.  I like kids.  I particularly like older-middle and high-school kids.  (Sixth graders are crazy, and elementary kids have waaaay too much energy).  There is a vibrancy and a hopefulness about highschool-ers, they are on the brink of everything, and life is so full and open.  Middle schoolers have a sweet innocent/knowingness about them; they are still so young, but barely.  I enjoy going into the schools and getting an insider view of what my own kids are dealing with.  I love talking to the students about life, about their teachers, about assignments, and I love listening to the conversations that happen in the last few minutes of class, when they think no one can hear them.  And did I mention I get to wear real clothes and leave the house?

I am so grateful to have what is – for me – the best of both worlds.  Even though Thursday morning comes all too soon, and sometimes kids are brats to the substitute, and my husband is starting to act like my restaurant shift is a ‘night-out’ because he knows how much I enjoy it. I’ll take it. 

So, here’s to Wednesday night, and to all the creative ways you SAHM and SAHD’s get out of the house and do something for yourselves!  May you find your own ways to rejuvenate so you can keep taking care of those babies!


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