Big Brother, Big Sister Gift for Your T(w)een

Only Child: Expired!  You have been promoted!

If you’re about to have a baby and your oldest is a teen or tween, you may be looking for a big brother/sister gift for your firstborn.  Here is one idea:

You Have Bee Promoted
Big Brother Box
The following five items can be placed into a box that you create.  Decorate it to make it special, cheesy, or fancy – whatever your style.  Feel free to modify the items to better fit your t(w)een:

  1. Earplugs!  These are meant to be funny and useful.  Babies cry a lot.  We used these from LiveMusic, because our son is taking drum lessons as well.  They have worked to muffle bass and baby screams.
  2. Gift cards to favorite places: this can get expensive, so whatever is in your budget. Doesn’t take much $ to munch out at FroYo or Taco Bell!
  3. “Get out of the House FREE” cards.  These are simple index cards with punch-out squares marked.  You can offer a variety of things.  A trip to the mall?  Movies?  The arcade?  A bookstore?  Pick the places your oldest likes to go and give them a ‘ticket’ to get there (with you, and without the baby if possible).
  4. A few pictures of you with him/her when he/she was born and some baby photos of you adoring him/her (a sweet reminder that they were once in the new baby’s shoes).  This can work even for teenage boys, who may protest the sappiness.  Underneath that mature, too-cool front, they need to feel loved as much as anyone.
  5. A letter to your t(w)een: This is personal to you – you can tell them about when they were born, tell them a story about you, remind them that things will be different for a while but you’ll always be there for them, etc.  Make it your own, and write from the heart; say whatever you feel will be the most important things to say during such a transition.  (I wrote a letter to K to be opened when he is 26, the age he will be when his little sister is the age HE is now.)

*An alternate idea is a photo memory book: scrapbook, apple-book, or photo album. This can be a loving memoir of your life so far with your firstborn!  We saved this one for the big 1-3 birthday, but the birth of a sibling is just as monumental. Have fun and good luck!


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